Release Notes


Fix: Resolves an issue where user scripts could not access their settings (and some other issues you probably didn't notice). This only affected Safari 9 in the El Capitan beta.


New: Trusted websites can now be untrusted via the Edit menu
Changed: GM_xmlhttpRequest's responseHeaders is now a string. The object version has moved to responseHeadersObject.
Changed: Support overrideMimeType in GM_xmlhttpRequest.
Fix: Resolves an issue where rules created for IP address based websites may not have any effect.


Update: Dropbox has unbanned the links and all versions of JSB should now be able to update successfully.

To all users that downloaded JS Blocker before June 30th:

I've been Dropbox to host JS Blocker and to automatically update it in Safari. Unfortunately they banned my links and JS Blocker can no longer be downloaded from Dropbox. This means that you will no longer be able to receive any updates. To remedy this, re-download JS Blocker from and install it over your current copy. You won't lose any rules or settings and will once again be able to receive future updates.


Fix: Changed download location from Dropbox.


Fix: Resolves an issue where some frames were properly detected by JSB.
Fix: Better detection of emoji canvas protection.


New: Add support for Anti-AdBlock Killer user script.
Fix: Resolves an issue where user scripts with a "|" in their name would not work.
Fix: Resolves an issue where user scripts could not be added from


New: When canvas fingerprinting is on, no longer show a prompt for Wordpress's flag that detects if your OS supports emoji.


New: A special import backup page has been created so that the file chooser dialog can be opened.
New: Kind headers in the page view can now be clicked to allow/block the items under it.
Changed: The locker is no longer enabled by default on new installs and can be disabled disabled on previous installs
Changed: When canvas fingerprinting protection is set to "Always ask", ask only up to 3 times before automatically creating a temporary rule.
Fix: Turning off the simple page editor is now respected.
Fix: Reliability of "Remember last choice" for how long rules should last has been improved.


New: A setting has been added to show resource URLs when clicking the number next to an item. It is enabled by default.
New: A setting has been added to show the trust notification on unknown websites. It is enabled by default.
New: A setting has been added to use a simplified page editor, hiding the advanced options until you need them. It is enabled by default.
New: A backup can now be imported directly from the setup view.
Changed: Cleaner select boxes for page view to look less cluttered.
Changed: When saving page changes, all sections will be saved and the view will scroll to the top. This will allow it to update automatically.
Changed: Clicking the description of an item will switch to edit mode.
Fix: Vastly improved scrolling performance.
Fix: Resolves an issue where all resources were blocked on a frame when they shouldn't have been.
Fix: No longer show messages about a string not being localized in your language.
Fix: Resizing the popover would not adjust the page section headers.


New: Unblockable frames will now have all of its resources blocked and script execution prevented.
New: Added setting to ignore built-in filtering rules.
New: The Edit button now has a menu (accessed via the little arrow or by press-and-hold) for quick access to disabling JSB and allowing/blocking 
all/checked kinds.
New: When attempting to switch views while setup is not completed, a popup will let you know to complete the setup first.
Changed: Removed Tilde language.
Changed: Improved performance of scrolling in page view.
Changed: The wording of some settings has been improved.
Fix: No longer show the error about the resource page location not being a string.