Download JS Blocker (JSB5.safariextz, 598 KB)

Double-click file to install or drag onto Safari icon. If you receive an error while installing, you may have to uninstall your current version first. Create a backup before doing so by opening the Settings menu in the JSB popover and then choose Backup. Be sure to include everything in the backup. You can now safely uninstall your current version. If your settings are gone when you install the new version, just import the backup you exported earlier.

SHA1 hash: f02c7707558291feeca182fe75efa5f1856ec94b


JS Blocker downloaded from outside the Safari Extension Gallery will cease to function in Safari 12 and macOS Mojave (10.14). Developer-signed Safari extensions are not supported in Safari 12. Safari extensions distributed in the Safari Extension Gallery are deprecated, and Safari 12 is the last release to support them.

Safari App Extension

I have no experience creating native mac apps; it will therefore be impossible for me to re-create JSB as one. Even so, Safari app extensions do not support the features required for JSB to function the way it does now (i.e. lots of functionality will be lost).


Users who downloaded JS Blocker from the Safari Extension Gallery will not be able to update beyond 5.2.2. Apple is no longer accepting submissions to the gallery.