Updated May 26, 2018

This document outlines how JS Blocker ("JSB") collects and uses data


JSB will occasionally check to see if an update is available by connecting to the server https://hero.toggleable.com ("JSB server"). Your IP address and user agent are sent along with each request, but your user agent isn't logged. JSB does not incorporate any type of analytics.

Filter Lists

JSB comes with filter lists that are downloaded from third-party servers. You can review the URLs of each list from Settings > Rules > Filter Lists. These lists are updated daily. You can choose to disable filter lists completely by unchecking them.

User Scripts

JSB does not come with any pre-installed user scripts. If and when you do add one, JSB may occassionally check for updates to them by connecting to the URL supplied in the scripts.

Submitting Feedback

You can choose to submit feedback by clicking Menu > Submit Feedback. When you do so, you are given the opportunity to supply your email address. Information submitted from the form is stored on the JSB server strictly for improving JSB. Browser version and operating system are included with your feedback. Your email address is never shared with any third-parties and is only required if you want a reply to your feedback.


When you donate via PayPal, Patreon, or BitCoin, the email address I receive the notification from will be saved on the JSB server for you to be able to activate JS Blocker's extra features. Your email address is never shared with any third-parties.

JSB Sync

JSB Sync is an optional feature of JSB that lets you synchornize your settings and rules with other computers.

When you register to use it, your email address is submitted to the JSB server, but is never logged. It is stored on the JSB server as a hash. Your password is never transmitted to the JSB server.

Your settings and rules are are encrypted locally and stored on the JSB server in a format that cannot be decrypted without your password (i.e. the information on the server is unreadable to anyone but you.)

The JSB server will save the IP address you login with to ensure that the session is only usable by the original IP.