Release Notes


First public release. Some additional improvements and fixes since beta1.


New: Added an option to not clear settings before importing a backup.
New: Added an option to include settings in a backup.
New: A full backup from JSB4 can now be imported using the standard backup import.
New: Icon.
New: Donators can now unlock all features. Until final release, though, the trial of 10 days is reset every update.
Changed: Page notifications will now respect the large font setting.
Changed: iForgot locker password instructions will now open in a new tab.
Changed: Saving a user script will no longer switch back to the list of user scripts.
Changed: Reword contribution -> donation.
Changed: The "hide whitelisted and blacklisted items" setting has been separated into two separate settings.
Changed: Name JavaScript Blocker -> JS Blocker.
Changed: The help tab will now open an email window.
Changed: Rule matching is up to 6x faster, speeding up webpage loads.
Fix: Resolves an issue where frame information may be outdated or incorrect.
Fix: Page notifications will appear on more webpages.


New: A setting has been added to let you choose which rule list is used by default: always, temporarily, or the last used option.
New: A setting has been added to let you choose if rules are created for the hostname, domain, or all domains.
New: When a page is in edit mode, you can now use the keyboard shortcut âŒ˜â‡§S to create the rules.
New: An in-use snapshot can now be compared directly from the rule list by opening the Snapshot menu.
New: Support for Safari's new website popup feature in Yosemite 10.10.3.
Changed: debugMode is now a setting that will stick.
Changed: The "first visit" feature has been changed to "trust/don't trust".
Changed: Moved the "Create Rules" button to the page host header.
Changed: Improved memory usage.
Fix: Show the correct user script name in the context menu.
Fix: Prevent excessive logging about a string not being localized in your language.
Fix: Resolves an issue where clearing temporary rules would no have no effect until the page is reloaded twice.

Zombies - Alpha 21

New: Rules can now be imported from full backups of JSB4.
Changed: Locker UI updates.


New: Added ability to load all blocked element placeholders via context menu.
New: Clicking Create Rule in an XHR prompt will now automatically open the popover, switch to page view, find the XHR prompt's resource, switch its section to edit mode, and check the item.
Changed: Only lock user rules.
Changed: Completely get rid of children support in Stores. This dramatically speeds everything up and JSB will no longer slow down over time.
Fix: Resolves an issue where blocked XHRs would not show up on the page.


Fix: Resolves issues with updater.

New: Added ability to lock clearing rules, import settings backup, access to console, and disabling/enabling JSB. These settings can be found in the general settings page.
New: Added forgot locker password help.
New: Snapshots can now be compared to Always rules.
New: Snapshots can now be manually created.
New: Snapshot count and size is now displayed in the snapshot view.
Changed: Importing rules from JSB 4 can now be found in the rules settings page.
Changed: The show page editor immediately setting has been moved to general settings.
Changed: When visiting a PDF or video directly, it will load automatically if there was a placeholder for it after being blocked.
Changed: The hidden item count is no longer displayed if it is 0.
Changed: Default to Always rules when switching to the rules tab.
Fix: Resolves an issue where confirming a setting change would fail.
Fix: Frames are now always merged into the proper page host.


See 5-alpha19.


New: Added options to settings backup.
New: Added a setting to use fast animations.
New: Added a hide/show all button to the rule view.
New: Added option fanboy's annoyances and fanboy's anti-social filter lists.
New: Added the ability to enable/disable user scripts.
New: Added the ability to lock rules and settings to prevent unauthorized changes.
Changed: Easy lists are now called filter lists.
Changed: Snapshots will load instantly.
Changed: Reduce default snapshot limit to 5.
Changed: Snapshots are now always listed in date descending order.
Changed: Removed short URL confirmation support.


New: A poppy will be displayed while easy lists are updating to let users know that performance may be impacted until completed.
New: Show when a snapshot is in use in the rule list.
New: A snapshot menu has been added to rule view. From here you can merge rules and or replace your rules with the snapshot ones.
New: Rules can now be restored from a snapshot via a rule view.
New: A setting has been added to always display group hide/show labels.
New: Script content and images can now be viewed when clicking the source count.
New: Custom font and zoom levels can now be used.
Changed: Page parsing is now up to 65x faster.
Changed: Improved reliability of poppy positioning.
Changed: UI improvements.
Changed: No longer show source count for other features and user scripts.
Changed: Updated to jQuery 2.1.3.
Changed: Snapshots can no longer be disabled.
Fix: Resolves an issue where closing a snapshot would delete all user rules.
Fix: Resolves an issue where an open poppy would close when a page is re-rendered.
Fix: The automatically create snapshots setting is now honored.


New: Custom colors can now be used.
New: Rules can now be duplicated.
New: Options for rules are now available when displaying resource URLs.
New: Begun implementing the snapshots UI.
Changed: Improved UI when deleting rules.
Changed: The setting to automatically hide non-whitelisted/non-blacklisted items has been changed to hide allowed/blocked items that didn't match a rule. The setting must be turned on again.
Changed: Speed up uncached resource matching up to 4x.
Changed: Vastly improved speed of rule loading by caching rules used by webpages.
Fix: The inline script execution special is now available.
Fix: Improve compatibility with webpages that rely on valid window messages.
Fix: Improve reliability of XHR blocker on Google Maps.