Release Notes


Fix?: Potentially resolves an issue where Safari may hang for some users. Please let me know if this update fixed this for you.
Fix: Resolve an issue where the XHR blocker can break webpages that uses un-decodeable characters.


Fix: Improve compatibility with some webpages.


New: Rule editor and custom rule creation. Create new rules simply by clicking on any header for an existing rule, or open the Temporary/Always Rules menus.
New: Added a setting to automatically hide items that were not were not affected by the whitelist or blacklist.
Changed: Moved page editor back to top of section.
Changed: Dark mode UI improvements.
Changed: Improved resource matching.
Fix: CSS letter-spacing property is now set to normal for injected.less.
Fix: Double clicking will no longer cause two poppies to appear.


New: Dark mode UI.
Changed: Speed up XHR blocker.
Changed: Unblocked scripts will now be added to the page only when the setting is enabled.
Changed: Remove JSB.console in favor of just console for user scripts. This ensures that the console is always available even if the webpage overwrites it.


New: Added user scripts settings UI. User scripts can now be added, removed, and modified from here. Edit a user script to view and modify its storage items.
New: Added domain/page filter to rule view.
Fix: Resolves an issue where setting views were switched to twice.
Changed: Further improve rule list loading.


New: Rules list will load quicker.
New: Show protocol for rules.
New: Custom close buttons can now be added to notifications from user scripts. This is also used to add new user scripts.
New: Required scripts contained within user scripts will now be able to access the storage and resources of its parent user script.
New: Red and black colors.
Fix: Resolves an issue where blocking/allowing all other features will show some that should never be shown.
Fix: Checking if a new rule will have affect is improved.


New: Turn easy lists on/off from the rule settings.
New: You can now add custom filter lists from the rule settings.
New: Update easy lists manually from the rule settings.
New: An easier to read rule list.
Changed: When switching back to the rules tab, if the current rule view is an easy list, switch it to temporary before switching.


New: Added 1 hour to disable time.
Fix: Rule priority sorting. Rules in the rule list are now sorted by priority also.
Fix: Improve reliability of changing settings.
Fix: Rule kind expander also toggling domain expander.
Fix: Store merging not cloning stores. This resolve an issue where turning temporary rules into always rules would not work correctly.
Fix: Synchronous XHR method checking.
Changed: Empty rule list are now hidden.
Changed: Improved For Page rules.


New: Clicking the ? to view rules next to a resource has an improved UI.
New: Added "For Page" rule view. Incomplete.
New: Added Submit Feedback to Menu. Please do so.
New: Added menus to temporary and always rules.
Fix: Rule priority on specials and user scripts.
Fix: Updater.


New: Clicking the ? next to an item that was affected by a rule will show the matched rules. UI not complete.
New: Updated rule view. UI not complete.
Fix: Canvas fingerprinting setting is now respected.
Fix: Unblocked item count.