New: Add support for using .tld in @domain, @match, @include, and @exclude user script keys.
New: Add support for relative paths in @resource and @require user script keys.
New: Add support for @noframes in user scripts.
New: Custom download URLs can now be assigned to user scripts.
New: User scripts added from a URL that do not contain a downloadURL attribute will have the URL it came from set as its customDownloadURL.
New: Show user script size in user script list.
Changed: Use localStorage instead of settings for anything less than 100KB in size. This speeds up changing settings.
Changed: Uncheck all page items when switching out of edit mode.
Changed: The @updateURL attribute is no longer required for user scripts to be able to update.
Changed: Improve user scripts view.
Changed: The New/Edit Rule poppy will no longer close when re-opening the popover.
Changed: Only switch which items are to be affected when creating rules when it is unsupported or when block/allow is being used.
Fix: Resolves an issue where GM_registerMenuCommand could fail to execute on click.
Fix: Resolves an issue where canceling the view switch after editing a user script would still cause the user script to disappear.