• Added ability to quickly allow/block all resources. This is a simplified UI mode that hides all items by default and shows two new buttons: Allow All and Block All. This can be enabled from Settings > General > Page View.
  • A "Disable" button has been added to each page host header to quickly and temporarily disable JSB on that host.
  • When in a private tab, page view will show darkened headers to indicate all actions on that tab are strictly temporary.
  • UI updates.
  • Clean up settings page by removing some settings.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Properly update page view when dealing with disabled pages.
  • Properly handle long domain names on page view headers.
  • Setting a user script's custom download URL attribute to nothing will no longer cause JSB to ignore the script's default download URL.
  • XHR prompts that originated from a "FormData" data type will now work correctly.
  • Improve false-positive canvas fingerprinting warnings.
  • No longer reload popover when importing a backup which could cause JSB to continue to operate in an unstable state.
  • Show horizontal scrollbar in resource content view.

SHA1 Hashes
  • Via website: JSB5.safariextz: d31a44b9f43dc9fe068292573b4503f8b1664d2a
  • From Apple Extensions Gallery: ~/Library/Safari/Extensions/JS Blocker 5.safariextz = 8fff69f798026d66a991527f4572cc98e629db9a