Update 5.2.0 is almost ready and includes the ability to synchronize settings and rules across multiple computers. If you would like to try it out early, let me know by clicking Menu > Submit Feedback in JSB.

  • Reduced file size of extension.
  • Exporting a backup is now much faster.
  • "Kind" headers in page view now respect the setting "Create rules without switching to page editor".
  • The setting to temporarily switch to resource-URL-view is back and has been moved to the "Page" menu.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Allow compatible "other" features to execute on pages that have a security policy to prevent script execution.
  • Switch to HTTPS for all communication. Please make sure your firewall/router allows connections to https://imac.toggleable.com:8443/jsblocker in order to verify donations.
  • No longer require Safari restart when changing the persistent cache setting.
  • Environmental information randomizer now works in newer versions of Safari.
  • Exported backups could be corrupted and not import correctly.
  • Poppy position may be incorrect before being moved to its correct position.
  • Scroll performance in page view is improved.
  • User scripts should now always update correctly.
  • The prompt to add a user script to JSB will now show on all pages that end in .user.js
  • The UI will now show the correct value for custom options, such as a custom font or webpage zoom level.
  • Safari will no longer hang as long when updating filter lists (it's about 3x faster).
  • The pop-up blocker will no longer break certain sites, such as eztv.

SHA1 Hashes
  • Via website: JSB5.safariextz: 31d959e8834f7c7f6d40d5e8a75593ce77e9ec81
  • From Apple Extensions Gallery: ~/Library/Safari/Extensions/JS Blocker 5.safariextz = ad6e4a2ae531e21dd9cf44b62ead9ac053d817b8