• Added the ability to create "Always" rules while in private browsing windows. Turn this on from Settings > Rules > Rule Defaults.
  • When you disable JSB on a "Top" page, it will now also be disabled on frames within that page. You'll then be able to enable JSB on the frames individually. This this off from Settings > Rules > Rule Defaults.
  • Disable anti-social filter list when enabling ultimate or annoyances.
  • Reduce CPU load under certain conditions.
  • Frames that were automatically blocked from loading can now be allowed. The UI had always allowed creation of the "Allow page to load" rule, but JSB never obeyed those rules. It does now.
  • Resolve some issues with "srcdoc" frames

SHA1 Hashes
  • Via website: JSB5.safariextz: 036a3f8344d9eebbf59c155e28db02d34a5b50ac