Release Notes


Fix: Popover will no longer hang Safari when opened on pages using long data URIs.

Changed: Reduce occurrence of false-positive canvas fingerprinting alerts.


New: You can now completely collapse the allowed or blocked items list by dragging the divider.
Changed: Performance improvements.
Fix: Resolves an issue where settings would reset when clearing website data. This bug was introduced in 5.0.14.


Fix: Resolves an issue where force clicking items to create rules would fail.


New: Add support for using .tld in @domain, @match, @include, and @exclude user script keys.
New: Add support for relative paths in @resource and @require user script keys.
New: Add support for @noframes in user scripts.
New: Custom download URLs can now be assigned to user scripts.
New: User scripts added from a URL that do not contain a downloadURL attribute will have the URL it came from set as its customDownloadURL.
New: Show user script size in user script list.
Changed: Use localStorage instead of settings for anything less than 100KB in size. This speeds up changing settings.
Changed: Uncheck all page items when switching out of edit mode.
Changed: The @updateURL attribute is no longer required for user scripts to be able to update.
Changed: Improve user scripts view.
Changed: The New/Edit Rule poppy will no longer close when re-opening the popover.
Changed: Only switch which items are to be affected when creating rules when it is unsupported or when block/allow is being used.
Fix: Resolves an issue where GM_registerMenuCommand could fail to execute on click.
Fix: Resolves an issue where canceling the view switch after editing a user script would still cause the user script to disappear.


New: Force click on items with a poppy menu (view switcher, disable button, etc.) to instantly show it.
New: Force click blocked/allowed items to instantly create a rule for it.
New: Force click kind headers on the page view to instantly create rules for the blocked/allowed items below it.
New: Force click the number of allowed/blocked URLs next to an item to perform the opposite action a click would trigger.
New: The Help button will no longer immediately begin composing an email. There is now a help view with contact info and a preliminary FAQ page.
Changed: Randomize more environmental information when the feature is enabled.
Fix: Resolves an issue where creating a backup that exports settings without exporting rules would fail.
Fix: No longer render page twice when opening popover.
Fix: Resolves an issue where the Trust rule list would appear when closing a snapshot even when trust was disabled.
Fix: Resolves an issue where user scripts would not load into the edit view.
Fix: JS Blocker is now able to inject itself into sandboxed frames that do not allow script execution. Scripts from any other source will still not execute unless the sandbox attribute "allow-same-origin" was set; inline scripts are blocked regardless.

About Safari's New Content Blocker API

Safari has a new feature called "Content Blockers" that allows for extremely efficient resource blocking on both the desktop and iOS version of Safari. As much as I'd like to incorporate this into JS Blocker, it is not feasible to do so. Using a content blocker will prevent JS Blocker from showing you exactly what's going on on a website (i.e. you won't see what's allowed or blocked.) It'll also break all of JS Blocker's "other" features, such as showing alerts within the webpage and canvas fingerprinting protection. Besides the loss of features, content blockers are limited to 50,000 rules. While this seems like a high number, it isn't enough for efficient protection and a lot of rules would need to be cut out to even run a content blocker. Until Apple eases the restrictions (or at least raises the number of rules that can be in a content blocker), JS Blocker will not be using this API.


New: Added the "Non-Intrusive Ads" filter list that can be enabled. It is NOT on by default and all ads will continue to be blocked.
Changed: Compress data to save space and improve performance. Newly exported backups will also be smaller. Your old backups will continue to work.


New: You can now view the list of trusted websites from the Rules tab.
Fix: Resolves an issue where importing a backup from the setup view could fail.


New: Hold the option key on an "All Resources Blocked" notification to reveal a "Trust Domain" button. This allows you to quickly get rid of excessive notifications such as those triggered by Google Hangouts.