Release Notes


New: All new installs and existing installs that have not had a donation verified will receive a 10-day free trial of all the donator-only features.
New for Donators: A new form of rules (Other Rules) allows for completely custom actions on a per-domain basis. The current set of other rules includes: alert dialog blocker, confirm dialog blocker, context menu override blocker, custom zoom level for webpages, and window resize blocker.
Changed: Block/Allow buttons will now be hidden when JS Blocker is disabled.
Changed: Theme tweaks.
Changed: Clean up code now executes every 3 minutes instead of every 5.
Fix: Resolves an issue where the advanced rule editor would not be aware if the last added rule was temporary.
Fix: Resolves an issue where some forms would not be properly ignored by the anonymizer function.
Fix: Resolves an issue where URLs ending with a "?" would not update the JS Blocker UI.
Fix: Improved fallback code for when injected scripts no longer have access to the safari object. JS Blocker UI will now still update, but inform the you that the data may be outdated.


Fix: Resolves an issue where rules and update information would be removed when resetting Safari < 5.2 on OS X.


Fix: Resolves an issue where JS Blocker might not work if show unblocked scripts was enabled.


Fix: Resolves an issue where localization of the kind headers in the main window work not work properly.


Changed: All toggling animations are now the same.
Changed: Currently installed bundle ID and rules are now stored in the extension settings instead of local storage.
Fix: Clicking on a URL in expert mode will properly determine kind.


Fix: Resolves an issue where displayv and bundleid would not be set in older versions of Safari.



Fix: Resolves an issue where upgrading from a version < 61 may fail.


Fix: Resolves an issue with 2.4.4 that caused activations to fail.


Fix: Resolves an issue where domain and rule count may not update properly the first time when performing a search that returns results after performing one that doesn't.
Fix:(?) Possibly resolves an issue where people would exceed the maximum number of activations after only 1.