Release Notes


New: Hosts/URLs can now be clicked to find out safety information about it. This is an update to the previously donator-only feature and is now available to everyone.
New: Expanded domains in the rule list and kind headers in the main window are now floating headers.
Changed: Minor UI tweaks.
Changed: Image blocker is now disabled by default due to WebKit's implementation of "beforeload" on <img> tags. It does not prevent the network request; it is only hidden in the DOM.
Changed: Poppy arrows can now be clicked through.
Changed: Speedier animations and the removal of the "Loading rules" poppy.
Changed: Removed extremely incomplete French localization.
Fix: Resolves an issue where some resources may be allowed at first launch of Safari if webpages were being resumed by OS X Lion's resume feature.
Fix: Resolves an issue where filtering domains in the rule list would not properly hide collapsed rule sections.
Fix: Resolves an issue where the toolbar badge and Allowed/Blocked labels would count disabled features (i.e. image blocker, frame blocker, embed blocker).
Fix: Domain names in the rule list are no longer double clickable.
Fix: Improved handling of tab/window change resolves issue with toolbar badge not updating for some websites unless clicked on.
Fix: Showing a limited number of sources now works as expected when hiding a kind block.
Fix: Improved handling of removing frame data for beforeNavigate events prevents it from being prematurely removed.


Changed: Improved placeholder for blocked elements.
Fix: Includes missing localization for "Adding a Image Rule"
Fix: Resolves an issue where the JS Blocker UI would not update for some webpages.


New for Donators: You can now block images from loading, too.
Changed: about:blank is now allowed by default unless the "always block" setting is "Everywhere".
Fix: Resolves an issue where the toolbar badge would not update properly when using expert features.


New: Better support for IPv4 addresses.
New for Donators: Block more than just JavaScript. You can now block frames, embeds, objects, and videos from loading. This helps to provide a more secure, safe, and private browsing experience by blocking social networks and companies from tracking you, even if they're using framed webpages instead of scripts. Blocked elements will be clickable to allow for a one-time load of that item, though you can change this from the settings to completely hide those elements instead.
Changed: Disabling JS Blocker will now also disable full referrer blocking.
Changed: When JS Blocker is updated, it will now default to blocking everything instead of allowing everything until upgrade is completed.
Fix: Resolves an issue where, by default, "Use large font" during initial setup was checked, but not enabled.


Changed: Code optimizations.
Changed: A new donation verification system will hopefully resolve an issue where JS Blocker may become re-locked.
Fix: Regarding full referrer blocking: resolves an issue where clicking a link that only changes the hash tag would cause a full page reload.
Fix: Regarding full referrer blocking: when a server-side redirect points to a URL with a hash tag, no longer attempt to anonymize this request. It would cause a reload loop and mess up some web pages.


New: Created a method to control scripts from "about:blank" frames using the URL of the tab. This now allows for control over multiple "about:blank" frames.
Fix: Resolves an issue where submitting forms may not work if full referrer blocking is enabled.
Fix: Regarding full referrer blocking: resolves an issue where using the command key or a gesture to open a link in a new tab would not work. Please note that this feature is still experimental and as such may cause sporadic, infinite page reloads and the inability to properly navigate backward and forward through history.
Fix: Resolves an issue where pages with many anchors would load extremely slowly, or not at all and cause Safari to hang.
Fix: Resolves an issue where anchors inserted into the DOM within another element would not get the attribute rel="noreferrer" set or proper event bindings.


Fix: Resolves issue where the host setting for the jsblocker object was set to null.


Changed: Undos the "Adding rules for frames using "about:blank" will now use the ruleset of its parent." due to many bugs.
Fix: Resolves issue where users would see "information about the current" and be unable to do anything.


Changed: Adding rules for frames using "about:blank" will now use the ruleset of its parent.
Fix: Update notice will now have priority over the "no information available" notice.


New: Added an option to use a larger display font.
New: A new setting will add rel="no referrer" to links to help block some referrer headers from being sent to webpages.
New for Donators: A new setting allows you to block more referrer headers from being sent to webpages by attempting to anonymize all requests in the main window. Note that this will not work in frames due to a Safari limitation. 
New for Donators: New theme (OS X Lion) uses button styles from OS X Lion even on Windows.
Changed: Rules for each domain are no longer stored directly as a key in localStorage. Instead, there is now a Rules key that everything is stored in.*
Changed/Fix: Double-length top-level domains no longer appear as a separate domain (e.g., visiting "" will no longer list "" as a domain to add a rule for.
Changed: Opening the popover will no longer close the rule list or unblockable script view.
Fix: Resolves an issue where collapsed domains were not remembered.
Fix: Resolves an issue where the wrong type of rule would be deleted in expert mode.
Fix: Resolves an issue where adding/editing rules from rule list would not work.
Fix: First time setup window will always display on the first opening of the popover now if not yet completed.
Fix: Clicking the Finish Setup button will now work as expected.

*Note: When updating, rules will undergo an upgrade process to put them into this new format. You should not be able to notice this.