Release Notes


New for Donators: Added ability to backup rules.


New: Donator-only features are enabled.
New for Donators: Ability to double click on a host or script to view more information about it. This can help determine which hosts or scripts to allow on a website.
New for Donators: Ability to create temporary rules. These rules will be automatically removed when Safari is relaunched.
New: Support for scripts originating from "about:blank". Hopefully only a temporary fix as the domain is considered "blank" and any website using "about:blank" will use the same set of rules. In a future release I'd like "about:blank" frames to use rules from their parent's ruleset. (This fixes the issue with not being able to use Amazon Live Chat with JavaScript Blocker enabled.)
Changed: Due to many people seeing different transaction IDs than I do, you should now use your PayPal email address to verify your donation. Anyone who received an email with a transaction ID specified should use that ID instead, not their email.
Changed: Automatically created rules are now temporary. This does not affect their behavior in anyway other than that they will be removed when relaunching Safari. Upon visiting the website again, they will be recreated if needed. This avoids unnecessary cluttering of the rules list. (This only affects users with expert features enabled and have the option to create rules for automatic actions selected.)
Changed: Rules created for all subdomains of a domain will now be respected when visiting the non-subdomain version. For example, if you have a rule for "", previously, only navigating to "" would load the rules for it. Now, visiting "" will load those rules also. Rules created for "" will still have higher priority.
Changed: Existing rules are no longer removed when selecting Allow All/Block All and when adding new rules in simple mode if a current rule would match the new one.
Changed: Code optimizations. No longer need to unbind and rebind events constantly. Poppies and zoom window have changed to ".one" events so code isn't run unnecessarily.
Changed: High-priority rules no longer exist.*
Changed: Automatic rules for "Different sub domains" is now is now called "Different hosts & subdomains". It will now properly block scripts originating from different domains completely (e.g. if you visit "", only scripts from "" will be allowed, nowhere else.)
Changed: Minor cosmetic updates.
Fix: Resolves an issue where editing/adding a rule from the rules list would not work.
Fix: Resolves an issue where one's unique InstallID could be changed.
Fix: Compatibility issues with Safari 5.2.

*Note: Any existing high-priority rule (6 or 7) will be converted to standard rule (0 and 1). This will not affect their behavior in any way; all rules will now appear as green/red in the rule list.


New: Ability to unlock all features in preparation for a future update which will lock expert features and the editing/adding of rules via the rules list. Donators will also be allowed to select a new theme called "Textured Metal". Visit the Donators-Only Features page for more information.


New: A bug with Safari can cause extensions to stop working when navigating backward and forward between webpages. When this happens, opening the popover will now display a UI saying the error occurred instead of showing the data of the last tab.
New: Brought back ability to allow/block scripts for sub-domain stripped versions of hostnames.
New: Improved whitelist/blacklist rules.
Changed: Code optimizations.
Changed: Toolbar badge no longer counts unblocked scripts as allowed.
Fix: Resolves an issue where unblockable scripts count was always 0.
Fix: Missing localization for "Unblocked Script" restored.


New: Secure hosts are now distinguishable in the main window and will appear in gold text (simple mode only). This will undo the change of 2.0.2 where rules were created as "^https?...". Protocol is once again respected. 
New: A more complete German translation courtesy of RobinAlbeck.
New: A setting has been added to ensure secure websites can only load secure scripts (whitelist rules are still exceptions).
New: All updates will now prompt the user to make a donation if they have not already done so.
New: "safari-extension" protocol scripts will now appear in blue (simple mode only).
Fix: Allow All and Block All work now. 


Fix: Resolves issue where extensions that insert scripts into a webpage using the "safari-extension" protocol could not be allowed. A setting has been added to enable automatically allowing these scripts; enabled by default. 1Password works correctly now.
Fix: Toolbar updates instantly when a script is dynamically added to a webpage.


Fix: Resolves issue with rules list not working properly after resetting JS Blocker.


New: Added an expert features option to create automatic rules. If expert features are disabled, automatic rules are no longer created. Default actions will still apply, though. This prevents cluttering of the rules list.
New: Added an option to hide unblocked scripts from the main window. Hidden is the default setting.
New: When expert features are disabled, JS Blocker runs in a mode that will only create rules. What this means is clicking on either Block or Allow will add a new rule for the host. You will now also have the option of allowing scripts from any subdomain, too.
New: Added a thin display for when expert features are disabled.
New: With expert features disabled, added option to show number of scripts blocked/allowed per host. Clicking on this number will reveal the scripts that were affected.
Changed: Removed drop down menu for selecting which domain to add a rule for.
Changed: Removed button to switch to expert/simple interface. This change is because rules are no longer really interchangeable.
Changed: Removed "Delete Expanded Rules" button.
Changed: Removed setting for "Block scripts manually". Allowing mode is now the only available mode. However, you can now set up automatic rules to block scripts from "Anywhere".
Changed: New animation for main display when toggling Allowed/Blocked/Unblocked scripts; also sped up all slide animations.
Changed: Much improved look and feel on Windows.
Changed: Moved "Show Rules" button down to the miniature buttons section.


Fix: Resolved issue where clicking on domains in rule listing would do nothing.

1.5.0 - Revelations

New: A description of the two initial set up options has been added. This will only show on a clean install of JS Blocker.
Changed: The default mode is now blocking manually with automatic rules set up to block scripts from different hostnames.
Changed: Completely removed all remnants of Behaviour code.
Changed: Lots of code clean up.