Release Notes


Changed: Improved font appearance on Windows.
Fix: Resolves issue where creating a new high-priority rule would not work when there are no blocked scripts.

1.4.1 - Possibly important

New: Added a setting to control how many sources are displayed in the main window by default.
Changed: Improved poppy animation no longer requires a function to execute every 1ms to work.
Fix: Resolves a possible issue where buttons and labels might not be clickable.


Fix: Resolves a long-standing issue where clicking on a button may shift the rules listing display.


Fix: Resolves issue with incorrect default setting during setup.


New: An improved simplified interface makes JS Blocker even easier to use. In simple mode, all you have to do is confirm that you want to block or allow a host by clicking on a button twice. No more "Adding a Rule" popups or alerts with which rules will be disabled/deleted.
New: In expert mode, when prompted to delete a rule, you now have the option of instead creating a new, high-priority rule to allow/block a specific script. This allows one to allow/block select scripts from a host while still blocking/allowing every other script from it by default. You can even easily override whitelist/blacklist rules for any webpage!
New/Changed/Fixed: When creating automatic rules or adding a rule in simple mode, HTTPS is now respected; rules aren't created with "https?:\/\/..." anymore.
New: Added a button to reinstall whitelist and blacklist rules to the rule listing page.
Changed: Improved wording for automatic rules settings and interface for deleting/restoring rules.
Changed: New styling for disabled automatic rules helps improve readability.
Changed: Code optimizations. No longer creates rule regexp if not needed.
Changed: Removed disclaimer from main window. It is now only on the homepage of this website.
Fix: Editing a rule now selects the correct rule type.
Fix: When viewing a script's source, the URL displayed in the header is no longer displayed under the two buttons.
Fix: Resolves a long-standing issue where clicking on a button may shift the display.


Fix: Improved method of updating badge resolves issue with duplicate unblocked scripts when a page contains frames.


New: A setting has been added to disable user interface animations.
Changed: Code optimizations. Popover is now completely updated only if it is visible. Just the badge is updated otherwise.
Changed: Some wording has been modified to be a bit more understandable as to what each setting does.
Fix: Resolves an issue where DOMNodeInserted is run along side of beforeload events, causing duplicate items to appear in the main window.


Fix: Pages using multiple custom frames display properly.


Changed: Pages that use custom created <iframe> elements (i.e. frames created without the use of a "src" attribute) will now be displayed as "(Non-URL Based Frame)" in the page drop down. This takes the place of using the same URL as the main page as this was slightly misleading. Rules modified with the new wording will still be based off of the URL of the main page.
Fix: Using JS Blocker with multiple windows open now works as expected.
Fix: Closing a page in the background no longer messes up the display of inline frames for the active page.
Fix: Improves compatibility with Safari 5.2 in relation to a possible new way of storing window.location information.


Fix: Resolves issue where while in simple mode, disabling automatic rules from the main window would not work.