Release Notes


Fix: Resolves issue with URLs with search parameters not working.


New: A button has been added to the JS Blocker UI for easy access to switching between Expert and Simple mode.
New: Added some German strings.
Changed: When a button turns red when clicked on, it now pulsates to help show that you must click again to initiate the action.
Fix: Resolves an issue wherein a hash change on a URL would immaturely add inline frame data resulting in a false reading of the amount of scripts blocked/allowed.
Fix: Clicking the divider in between Expanded and All in the rule listing no longer deselects the left portion of the filter bar.
Fix: JS Blocker now works as expected on pages with special characters in the URL.
Fix: Resolves issue with automatic rules not being disabled from the main window when using the simple display.


Fix: Version number.
Fix: Modifying existing rules while in simple mode works as expected now.

1.3.0 (1.2.10)

New: Addition of a simplified interface. Instead of listing all the scripts blocked or allowed on a particular website, it will show a list of hostnames from which scripts are being loaded. You then have the option of allowing or blocking all scripts from a host easily. Rules created while using this mode are preserved even when switching back to listing all scripts. To enable the simple display, check "Show hostnames instead of individual scripts" in the extension's settings.
Fix: Further resolves issues with Allow/Block All buttons. Allowing/Blocking mode is irrelevant when clicking these buttons.


Changed: Code optimizations.
Fix: Clicking on Allow All or Block All now sets the correct type of rule depending on which mode is enabled.


Changed: Removed anonymous behaviour tracking.
Changed: Code optimizations.
Changed: Scrollbar indicators only appear when matches < 500.
Fix: Improved look and feel on Windows.


New: Added ability to show only enabled or disabled rules.
Changed: Code optimizations.
Changed: Switching to editing mode is no longer animated which helps when you have a lot of domains.
Fix: Some formatting issues on Windows.
Fix: Disabled rules that are edited now update the UI instantly.
Fix: Resolves issue where JS Blocker would not work on some websites.


New: When expanding rules from the rules list, the full height (if possible) will be scrolled into view automatically.
New: Added ability to "beautify" (i.e., automatically format to make it more readable) viewed scripts.
New: Added find-on-page. Invoked with Cmd+F, it lets you easily find rules or scripts from a specific domain.
Changed: Removing all rules for a given domain is now done by clicking Edit at the top of the rules list and then clicking the Remove button next to the domain name.
Changed: Improved appearance of focused elements.


Fix: Resolves issue with popovers not working.


New: Added US English & British English to language selector.
New: Ability to delete all rules for a domain. Double click on a domain header in the rules list to do so.
Change: Code optimizations.
Change: Rule input box is now a text area to improve string readability.
Fix: Includes missing localization strings.
Fix: Issue with adding a rule for All Domains in rules list would display header as .*