Release Notes


Change: Improved calls to ready() utilizing a timeout to prevent a lot of calls and removing unnecessary calls from allowedScript()
Change: Domain/description label color matches wether or not the rule is an allowing or a blocking rule.
Fix(?): Selecting an inline frame page shows the correct blocked/allowed count in the toolbar.
Fix: Selecting the main page from the page listing now always updates the popover correctly.
Fix: JS Blocker works correctly even when loaded without a Safari window open.
Fix: Improved frame support resolves an issue wherein some frames would not appear in the page listing.


Fix: Removed the now useless setting Allow scripts from inline frames.


New: Blacklist available on initial install when choosing Allowing Mode.
New: Support for inline frames.
Fix: Issue wherein rules created in Blocking Mode would be checked while in Allowing Mode, and vice versa.
Fix: Whitelist with a ruleset containing more than one rule displays properly when viewing it.
Change: Improved poppy animation.


New: Prompt to install a predefined whitelist of "safe" scripts when performing initial setup and selecting Blocking Mode. The whitelist is small at the moment, including only Google Libraries APIs, jQuery, and Prototype.
Fix: Popover no longer slides around when navigating while having it open.
Fix: Poppy no longer uses white-space: nowrap.


Regression Fix: Remove console.log statements.
New: You can now make global rules which will work on all domains.
Change: Popover now always switches to main view when opening.
Change: Default value of Allow scripts from inline frames is now true to avoid any confusion with scripts not working on some sites even if Allow All was enabled.


New: Added ability to view which page JavaScript blocker is displaying data for.
New: Added Icon-64.png so there is an icon displayed when there is an update.
Change: Completely rewritten backend. No more initiating a new object to work or adding variables to the window object.
Change: Default values for Allowing Mode and Allow scripts from inline frames have been changed to false.
Fixes: Navigating to URLs with different hashes now properly updates the popover.


Initial release.