Release Notes


New: Localization. (English only at the moment.)
Change: Code Optimizations
Fix(?): Possibly resolves an issue where whitelist/blacklist rules may randomly be ignored.

1.2.3 - Important Update

New: Submitting anonymous usage information no longer requires sending an e-mail.
New: When attempting to add a new rule for a script that matches a disabled automatic rule, a prompt appears asking if you want to add a new rule or re-enabled the disabled rule.
New: Support for displaying some data URIs.
Change: Rules are no longer double clickable when removing from the main window.
Change: Code optimizations.
Fix: Disabled automatic rules no longer appear when removing a rule from the main window.
Fix: Badge count properly updates when frames on the current page have scripts without having to open the popover first.
Fix: Automatic rules are now created for data URIs.
Fix: Behaviour code is included; accidentally left it out of the previous release.


New: Behaviour tracking code implemented to anonymously submit usage information. Nothing is automatically submitted; user must manually submit information.
Fix: Label tag for unblockable scripts header is properly closed now.
Fix: Added a max width to the domain chooser.
Fix: Fixes issue where setup window would not close.

1.2.1 - Critical Update!

Fix: Resolves a serious issue where, when viewing the contents of a script URL from the main window, the script would also be executed.


New: Automatic rules are now restored from the rules list.
New: When adding a new rule, you now have the option to make it high-priority.
New: Rules can be edited/added from the rules list by double clicking on an existing rule for a domain.
New: Filter bar in rules list lets you see only collapsed or only expanded rules.
New: Script URL contents can now be viewed within the popover; double click the URL to do so.
New: Unblocked scripts can now be displayed larger and with syntax highlighting.
Change: When changing automatic rules mode, existing automatic rules are deleted. Any manually "deleted" rules are preserved.
Change: Faster display of poppies using an instant timeout.
Change: Code optimizations. 85% faster rule counter; instant collapsing/expanding of all rules; overall speedier.
Fix: Automatic rule settings are no longer ignored if set to Nowhere.
Fix: Resolves an issue where while in blocking mode, rules could not be blocked from the main view; an empty dialog would appear.
Fix: Mouse events (hover, mouseover, etc.) work properly.
Fix: Resolves an issue wherein Allow/Block All would not work properly.
Fix: Allow/Block All now allow/block blacklist/whitelist items.
Fix(?): Resolves a possible issue where rules for "Block on..." were not setting the domain correctly.


New: Color coded rules to determine if the rule was automatically made.
New: Options to ignore whitelist or blacklist rules.
Change: Code optimizations. Added caches to cleanup routine.
Change: global.js is now strict mode compliant.
Fix: Cleanup code works correctly now.


New: Custom select boxes for a cleaner look.
New: Domains in rules list can now be filtered.

New: Domain and rule count are displayed when viewing rules.
New: Predefined rules are now automatically installed; no more prompts.
New: Main window items and domains in rules list are now collapsable.
Changed: Transition animations to show rules and when exiting initial setup have been changed. This avoids the use of making a large container.
Changed: Whitelist/blacklist rules are no longer deleted when changing modes; no longer need to re-toggle automatic rule settings.
Changed: Improved text readability by removing mask on container.
Changed: Further improved poppy animation.
Fix: Resolves an issue wherein deleting an automatic rule from the rules list would not stick.


New: Frame clean up code to make up for the fact that Safari extensions sometimes break when navigating back/forth.
New: Whitelist/blacklist can now be used when using automatic rules.
Note: For the secondary blacklist/whitelist to work, you must re-toggle the automatic rule setting if it is not set to "Nowhere". This will install a special list of rules allowing one to block/allow whitelisted/blacklisted scripts on a domain to domain basis. This special list of rules will themselves appear in the rules list as either red or green under All Domains.
New: Prompts to install blacklist/whitelist when changing settings.
Change: Improved list of unblockable scripts.
Change: Optimized code.


New: Automatic rule creation. New options let JavaScript Blocker automatically create rules to allow or block a script based on its domain.
New: Added logo to initial setup page.
Change: Show All Rules and Show Active Rules buttons have been merged.
Fix: Frame data is now always deleted properly when closing a web page.
Regression Fix: Resolves an issue where choosing "No Thanks" or "Continue" on initial setup would appear to do nothing.


Fix: Improved frame support.